ENGIE Electrabel - NPP Doel

Cutting and processing of spent fuel racks

Project scope

The racks in which the used fissionable material of Doel was stored under water, were replaced. The 34 used racks had already been stored in a stockage building for a number of years. These racks were cut and processed in order to make room for fissionable material. Electrabel entrusted Tecnubel with the task of treating the other 32 racks after a successful processing campaign of 2 racks. These boraflex racks were cut into pieces in the hot zone with all types of cutting techniques and the boraflex material was separated from the metal. The material was then characterised and made ready for transport. The remaining 32 racks will be processed in the course of 2017-2018 with innovative cutting techniques aimed at increasing the efficiency and performance of the process. As a result, we will be able to process similar structures in upcoming decommissioning projects.

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