Decommissioning of the BR3 reactor

Project scope

SCK-CEN was the first party in Europe that operated a prototype pressurised water reactor, the BR3 reactor, from 1962 to 1987. The reactor has provided the nuclear industry with a great deal of knowledge concerning the exploitation of such types of reactors, but the decommissioning of the BR3 reactor was the first of its type. The procedures, techniques and methods that were used during the decommissioning of BR3 were based on the current and future decommissioning projects.

Tecnubel has been engaged for this project for the following, among other things:

-Decommissioning of mechanical circuits and installations in various workstations such as the cutting workshop, sandblasting cubicle, treatment workshop, but also decommissioning at site in rooms or parts of the installations.

- Work relating to internal material management, primarily logistical work.

- Decontamination of concrete infrastructure with mechanical tools

- Support in the mechanical workshop

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