Westinghouse Nijvel

Chemical decontamination of primary pumps

Project scope

Tecnubel is a pioneer in the chemical decontamination of primary pumps. In partnership with Westinghouse Nijvel, Tecnubel has already executed various campaigns for primary pumps of nuclear power plants throughout Europe.

Such decontamination processes require about 5 days and require 24/7 attention. It is primarily based on oxidation-reduction reactions that are triggered by a chemical process, with the aim of removing the topmost oxide layer - where the contamination most commonly occurs - and to clean the underlying surface.

Tecnubel has experience and the necessary licences to apply various well-proven processes. Thus we manage EMMAC (EDF ownership), NITROX-E (Westinghouse ownership) and MEDOC (SCK-CEN ownership), among other things. Throughout the years, Tecnubel has developed as an expert in implementing these procedures in practice. We have developed our own modular installation for this purpose.

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