Decontamination is a recurring activity not only in active nuclear installations, it is also an indispensable step in the ultimate decommissioning process.

One of Tecnubel’s specialities in the nuclear industry is decontamination. Decontamination is a recurring activity, and not just in active nuclear installations. It’s also a vital step in the final decommissioning process to:

  • restrict the risk of radioactive contamination spreading;
  • limit the amount of nuclear radiation to which employees are exposed;
  • storing lower-category radioactive waste;
  • releasing waste into the traditional waste flow.

Our years of experience in the nuclear industry makes us the perfect partner and advisor when choosing the appropriate decontamination techniques, machinery, and materials for a project. We regularly invest in new and improved technology and expertise, which we utilise daily with passion and pride.

We can apply the techniques both on and offsite, or just take on the project management and any required engineering. If necessary, we will also call in several trusted partner companies.

Below is just a sample of the decontamination techniques for which Tecnubel is qualified:

  • abrasive blasting methods (sand, sponge, dry ice, highly pressured water, etc.);
  • laser decontamination;
  • chemical decontamination ;
  • electromechanical decontamination;
  • steam decontamination;
  • ultrasonic decontamination;
  • mechanical decontamination techniques (needling, scabbling, shaving, etc.).

All of our modular decontamination installations can be deployed flexibly.