Decommissioning of the Belgian MOX (mixed-oxide fuel fabrication) plant in Dessel.

Project scope

Belgonucleaire was the former MOX plant in Dessel, Belgium. This facility specialises in the reprocessing of used fuels into ‘MOX’, an alternative fuel that could be reused in nuclear reactors. The activities of Belgonucleaire were discontinued in 2006 due to changes in the law, declining demand, and increasing competition from France. The decommissioning of the site was commenced in 2009 and still continues to date.

Tecnubel is responsible among other things for:

- Dismantling of 90 Plutonium-contaminated glove boxes, using its own patented tent technology.

- Decommissioning of the entire infrastructure (buildings, production halls, etc.)

- Follow-up and characterisation of alpha-contaminated waste.

- Protection of employees and the environment against radiation.


*Please note that the photos shown were taken in a training facility in preparation for effective decommissionings.

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