Project: Modular systems



This project was made possible by funding of the Energy Transition Funds (ETF). This fund aims to encourage and support research and development linked with innovation.


Mobility and speed is important during the decommissioning of nuclear powerplants. Systems that are modular therefor provide a great advantage in comparison with fixed systems. This project allowed us to think about the different categories of modular systems and how they could be designed and used in a nuclear environment.


Project scope


During this project we designed a broad range of modular systems that can be used during the dismantling of nuclear facilities. Chemical decontamination, blasting and shredding are concepts that we developed during this project.


The advantage about these concepts is that they can be implemented on the spot where the activity is needed. There is no need to transport radioactive materials. After the activity has been executed the system can be used at other locations or be stored in another facility.

Services we can offer


·        Modular chemical decontamination.

o   Mobile

o   Quickly installed

o   Can be used in-situ

o   Different chemical treatments possible

·        Modular sand blasting unit

o   Mobile and reusable

o   Recycling of the grid material

o   Designed to be easy decontaminated

o   HEPA filtering

·        Modular shredder

o   Mobile 20ft container

o   Designed to be easy decontaminated

o   Connectable to a modular dust filtering system

o   HEPA filtration